jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

d. Select Special Offer

Special offer only for d.Select and only for TODAY!!!

Buy 1 Skin GET 2 Skins ! (Emma, Kiddo and Zoe!!!)

Just send a Notecard with the transaction of your purchase & the Name of the second Skin you like to get to MadameLilou (our new sales assistence) !

And dont forget...at d.Select you get % (3%) on every Purchase you doing!

So you can collect store credits and get some nice things when you have enough:)

How to use Store Credits:

Rightclick the Vendor, Click Menu. A window comes up - choose CREDIT!
"Buy this Item using Store Credits".

To get Informations about how many Store Credits you have/earned please use the Store Credit Info Terminal! 

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