viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

Walking with my best friend (my Dog)

Hairband: Chus! Babypup Headbands "SVPAP Project rescue"
Skin: {.essences.} Rowena - new ~ Rosy Pale *NEW! *CHIC2 Venue!
Lips Makeup: {.essences.} Rowena Lipstick 06 *NEW! *CHIC2 Venue!
Necklace: KOSH- WISE OWL NECKLACE "SVPAP Project rescue"
Top: [ bubble ] Red Dots Ruffly Top *NEW!
Dog in bag: *Anymore My best friend_bag "SVPAP Project rescue"
Shoes: REDGRAVE Shoes Nikki - 12colors *NEW!

Pose: FLY LILY ! poses CALIOPE SET 2 (nº3) "SVPAP Project rescue"

"SVPAP Project rescue" items ^^ +Info:
Chus! Babypup Headbands: Adorable handband for the hair. It has a bond in way and two ropes that give an aspect of ears of pet. They are in 7 different colors (but they are tintables, I have dyed mine). It is an exclusive object for this event SVPAP. Not only give an adorable aspect physically but also internally so if you buy this object you are helping a real protector of animals.

KOSH- WISE OWL NECKLACE: Necklace of high quality owl. This necklace is unisex, really nicely for all. It is a metallic dark tone and it has yellow stones of eyes. It stays well with almost quite. Essential for the lovers of the animals, hippies and mystics ;)

*Anymore My best friend bag: Nice puppy ready to lead to any side. For those that they would like not separ they of his pets to go to buy the bread this it is the perfect complement!!. The cloth of the purse is denim and it has a few embroideries with form of sweets in the outside. It contains a script and pose. Adopts this bagdog!!

FLY LILY ! poses CALIOPE SET 2 (nº3): This pack contains 3 time poses. All of them are for active, fresh girls, that they never stop. In this event these poses have a reduced price. Do not get lost them!!


 {.essences.} Rowena & Lipstick 06: I love these skins, it has an aspect perfect young-adult. In my opinion it stays well with almost all my shapes. You can find this style in 5 skintones different, I have used Rosy-Pale because it is the one that more I like, but they they all are the very nice ones. Also it has option with Freckles (two styles), Eyelashes and mass. Also there is Eyeshadows and Lipsticks (they sell separately) very interesting.

[ bubble ] Red Dots Ruffly Top: Top MESH! I love this top, it has a touch retro very interesting, ideally for Pin ups and Rockabilly looks. There are different heights to adapt itself better to your body (XX-SM, X-SM, SM, MED and LG)

REDGRAVE Shoes Nikki: These elegant shoes have a HUD to manipulate different options.
COLORS: Shoes/Feet prims are divided into 5 areas: 2 for shoes, 1 for the heel, 1 for metal parts and 1 for nails. You can change this colors.
SKIN COLOR: Paragraph to manipulate the skin tone and to adapt that of your skin
SIZE & SOUND: Resize it and you decides if you want that your steps are listened.

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